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Brazil will create the most advanced biosafety laboratory

Budgeted at R$1 billion, RTP Live King88bet the new Orion laboratory will be based at the National Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM), in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo.

Linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), Orion will house NB4 facilities and other laboratories with different levels of biosafety. King88bet Login Alternatif

To deal with highly dangerous pathogens, the NB4 laboratory has air filtration systems to prevent these agents from escaping, specific personal protective equipment, strict staff training and strict access control, among other maximum security procedures. Slot Online Terpercaya

NB3  are designed to study biological agents that can cause serious diseases in humans and for which there is still no vaccine or treatment. RTP Live King88bet

The NB2 facilities are focused on studying biological agents that can cause disease in humans, but whose risk of propagation is limited. King88bet Login Alternatif

 They are more common in academic and hospital environments.

NB1 work with microorganisms that have a minimum probability of spreading and causing disease in humans. Slot Online Terpercaya

Pioneering project

The new Orion complex will integrate all of these technological capabilities with three of the 38 Synchrotron beamlines that the Sirius particle accelerator will have when completed. RTP Live King88bet

Sirius is the largest ongoing Brazilian scientific project. It is a fourth generation light source, a special type of electromagnetic radiation produced by particles (such as electrons) accelerated to speeds close to the speed of light.  Slot Online Terpercaya

Click here for a virtual tour of Sirius. King88bet Login Alternatif

The characteristics of this radiation allow us to obtain detailed information about the structure and composition of matter on different scales.  Slot Online Terpercaya

You can monitor in real time, for example, the changes in a cell infected by a pathogen while they are happening. King88bet Login Alternatif

This opens up a universe of possibilities in different areas of research, from health to technologies for agriculture, the environment, energy and more sustainable materials. RTP Live King88bet

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